What’s special about Gravestones.info?

  • You can start your search of the database by simply entering a surname.
  • You can select to view ALL of the same surnames held in the database.
  • Can help find a grave location.
  • Memorial photographs are the number one resource for genealogy research.
  • Many records will contain information not found elsewhere.
  • Records may contain relationship status which can resolve a dead end in you research.
  • Many records will include key dates like Birth, Death and Marriage.
  • Extra features include Census Records, Workhouse Records and Armed Forces.
  • Over 90,000 records.
  • Many photographs of graves and memorials.
  • Cemetery maps showing grave locations.
  • Other occupants in the same grave.
  • Member only content
  • and much, much more.

(Please note: not all of the above are available for each location).



Elizabeth Hindle LONG 1831-1910

“In affectionate memory of Elizabeth Hindle Long born June 12, 1831 died April 19, 1910 This cross is erected by her old pupils” Elizabeth Hindle Long was born in Manchester, her father was Benjamin, he was […]


Alfred OWEN 1834-1912

Alfred Owen was born in Shrewsbury about 1834, he was the son of Samuel Owen and Elizabeth Lambrook. In 1851 Alfred was with his family in Shrewsbury, he brothers Peter and Samuel H. His father […]


James Arthur Mossford 1863 – 1926

“To the dear memory of James Arthur the beloved husband of Maud A. Mossford…passed away Oct 1st 1926” In the Wrexham Cemetery stands a tall and large stone gravestone with a ships anchor entwined around […]


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