Catherine TURNER – Travellers, Hightown

by Annette Edwards

Robert Turner was born about 1800 in London. By 1851 he was living in Wrexham  Fechan with his wife Mary  nee Andrews  who was from Denbigh. He was a Spanish leather dresser, which meant he was doing fancy work such as harnesses, reins etc, there were 4 children Catherine  14 , Walter 12. Sarah 9 and Rachel aged 5, all had been born in Wrexham, other children had been born in London but weren`t at home   His nephew David Baker  aged 5 was also there, he had been born in Llanwrst.

They were still there in 1861 but only Sarah, a milliner and Rachel were at home.  This time his grandson Arthur Woods was there, he was 3 and had been born in Liverpool. He was the son of his elder daughter Mary Ann who had married Arthur Woods. Mary Ann Turner had been born about 1835 in London, before the family moved to Wrexham.

 Mary Turner died on 8 January 1864 aged 63, her death was announced in the Wrexham Advertiser.

By 1871 Robert was the innkeeper at the Travellers Inn, 31 Wrexham Fechan, Sarah was there with him.

 In 1874 Robert applied for a licence, and it`s clear that he rented the Travellers from  Dorothy Lloyd.

ROBERT TURNER, Beerhouse Keeper, now residing at Wrexham Fechan, in the borough of Wrexham, in the county of Denbigh, DO HERE BY GIVE NOTICE that it is my intention to apply at the General Annual Licensing Meeting, to be holden at the Guildhall, in the said borough, on MONDAY, the Thirty-first day of August next, for a License to hold an Excise License or Licenses to sell by retail under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Act, 1828, all intoxicating liquors to be consumed either on or off the house or premises thereunto belonging, situate at Wrexham Fechan, in the said borough, of which premises Dorothy Lloyd, of Shelbrook, is the owner or lessee, of whom I rent them, and which premises are  now occupied by me, and are used as a beerhouse under the sign of the Travellers’ Inn.” Given under my hand this Thirty-first July, 1874. ROBERT TURNER.

Robert was still there in 1881 but now his daughter Rachel Coates who was a widow, and her daughter Lilly Henrietta aged 4 were with him. Rachel had married Henry Coates in 1871. Lilly had been born in Leominster.

Robert Turner died 30 December 1884 aged 84. He was buried in the Old Cemetery

DEATH OF AN OLD WREXHAMITE—We have this week to record the death of Mr Robert Turner, landlord of the Traveller’s Rest, Wrexham Fechan, who expired on the 30th the advanced age of 84.  Mr Turner came to Wrexham originally from the south of England as a fancy leather dresser, in which capacity he was for some time employed by the firm of Messrs Morris. He was well known as an old Wrexhamite, and was for a considerable time very successful in his treatment of rheumatism and other ills that flesh is heir to.

The deceased’s daughter was for some time maid to the late Miss Bennion, of Beechley, a lady whose memory is justly revered for her well known kindly disposition and charitable actions, and on one occasion at Rhyl, Miss Turner was fortunate enough to save the life of a lady who was bathing, a circumstance which increased Miss Bennion’s attachment for her maid, to whom, with others, she left an annuity. Mr Turner’s funeral took place yesterday (Friday) at Ruthin Road cemetery, the Rev. D. Howell, vicar, officiating.

 His probate reveals he left effects of £50, he was “late of the farm Wrexham Fechan”

The will was proved by his daughter Mary Ann Woods, wife of Arthur Woods, Lime Grove,  Seaforth.  

Catherine was last found in Wrexham in 1851 with her family, and she seems to either lived with her sister or at least spent a lot of time with the family.

In 1861 she was at Castle Street, Kirkdale with  her sister Mary Ann  and  Arthur  Woods who was a superintendant of steamers.  Catherine was a visitor along with Mary Ann Bennion who was 63.

Mary Ann Bennion`s death was announced on 1st September 1866 and it`s clear she lived very near to the Turners.  From Roberts’s obituary we know she left an annuity to Catherine.

DECEASE AND FUNERAL OBSEQUIES OF MISS BENNION. An old and highly esteemed inhabitant has just been removed from our midst. On Friday, the 21th ult., a life spent in deeds of nnostentation, charity, and benevolence Miss Bennion, daughter of the late Thomas Bennion, Esq., quietly departed this life at her residence in Wrexham  Fechan the home of her childhood, and her abode throughout the whole of her life.

 In 1871 Catherine was living just a few doors from the Travellers at 33, she was there on her own and an annuitant. (See Robert Turner`s Obituary)

 Catherine was in Litherland in 1881, when she was with her sister Mary Ann and Arthur Woods.   By 1891 Mary Ann had died, but Catherine was there again with Arthur and his family.

Who was in the Travellers in 1891 isn`t known, but by 1901 Catherine was back as the publican , she was now  aged 67.  Catherine died on 2 July 1908 at the Travellers Inn. She left effects of just over £700.

Researched by Annette Edwards. August 2019.

Grave ref: Wrexham Cemetery F-01344

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