CHARLES SEAL 1828-1905

by Annette Edwards.

CHARLES SEAL 1828 – 1905

Charles Seal was born about 1828 in Okehampton, Devon. His father was in the Navy but Charles joined the Army and was a gunner in the Royal Artillery at Woolwich before he married Mary Ann Shute in 1852.

They moved to Aldershot where he was a driver master sergeant in the Royal Horse Artillery. Charles was discharged from Army and became a Chelsea Pensioner, they moved to Teignmouth. They later moved up to Chester where they lived on Bridge Street, Mary Ann died and he married again to a widow Elizabeth Kendrick in 1876 at Chester.

He was employed on the Civil Staff of the Army at Chester Castle. When he retired on an Army pension they moved to Hope before ending up in Belmont Road with his stepson Robert Kendrick who was a solicitor.

Charles died at Belmont Road, Wrexham aged 77, and he was buried 16 April 1905.

ELIZABETH SEAL 1832 – 1906

Elizabeth Jones was born about 1832 in Wrexham, she was the daughter of Robert Jones a coachbuilder from Wrexham and Jane his wife. In 1853 she married Peter Kendrick who was from Chester. They lived on Bridge Street in Chester where he was a baker for many years.

 Peter died in 1871 and in 1876 she married Charles Seal before moving to Hope. From there they moved to Wrexham where Elizabeth died and was buried on 14 March 1906.


Ellen Adelaide Kendrick was born 1859 in Chester, she was the daughter of Elizabeth Jones and Peter Kendrick a baker. In 1878 in Chester, she married George William Swindells who was a commercial traveller. By 1911 her husband has died and she is living in Hope with her daughter Nellie. Ellen Adelaide died 26 September 1924 at Hillside Road Wallasey, she was buried with her mother Elizabeth and step father Charles Seal on 1 October 1924.

Researched and written by Annette Edwards. May 2018. Gravestone photographs by Graham Lloyd.

Grave ref: Wrexham Cemetery J-02433

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