Edward Jones 1835 – 1913

Researched by Annette Edwards; Judy Roberts.

Edward Jones was born 20 December 1835 in Llangollen, and in 1841 at Church St, Llangollen is Edward Jones, 40, joiner, wife Elizabeth 35 and six children including Edward aged 5.

In 1851 the same family at the Trevor Arms, Llangollen and now we can see Edward snr was born in Llantysilio. He is still a joiner and son Edward is a draper’s apprentice.

(The present station at Llangollen opened in 1865. When the railway was extended a new arch had to be built through Llangollen bridge and at the same time a pub called The Trevor Arms was knocked down. This stood were the telephone boxes are today.)


In 1858 Edward married Mary Frances Leake in Wargrave, Wokingham. How on earth they met is a mystery.

Edward   has changed his occupation and is now a builder, father Edward,   Mary`s father was named as Frances Leake, a steward. This would have been a land steward which was an old term for a land or estate manager. The witnesses were William and Ann Wise; he was a publican and basket weaver in Wargrave. .

By 1861 father and son have both moved to Wrexham with their families. Edward snr is a joiner at Eagle Street, and Edward jnr is in Roxborough Place just off Regent Street and also a joiner.

He studied and became an architect and surveyor and was later appointed surveyor of the Diocese of St Asaph. Both families later moved up to Fairfield Street, which in those days was the “middle class” are of the town.

Edward had his architect’s offices in Temple Row, and he owned many properties in the town including the Kingston House Ladies’ School, which was in Salisbury Park.

Edward was having some problems with vandalism and in 1887 offered a two pounds reward as some person was in the habit of destroying ornamental trees, damaging fences, and otherwise injuring the property in Hyde Terrace, Talbot Road, which was his property.

Hyde Terrace still stands; there are 5 houses in a similar style.

Edward and Mary had 8 children.

In 1885 Edward Francis Jones passed his final examination for the Licentiate of the

Society of Apothecaries, London. The subjects were:-Principles and Practice of Medicine Pathology and Therapeutics; Forensic Medicine, Toxicology and Midwifery.

In 1890 George Kimball was a student at University College, Liverpool, when he passed the second examination of Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Later George Kimball and Edward Francis are both physician surgeons in Northamptonshire.

Edward Francis died at 11 Derngate, Northampton on 4 May 1903.

George Kimball came back to Wrexham and died at his parents’ home on 5 November 1903.
His home address was 11 Derngate, Northampton, the same as his brother.

Their parents both died at Hyde House, Edward on 17 July 1913 and Mary Frances on 15 April 1919.


Mary Frances Leeke was baptised on 27 November 1831 at Bray, her father was Francis Leeke and her mother was Mary. This was after her father Francis Leeke had died aged 33 and had been buried on 20 July 1831 at Bray.

Mary married again on 15 Oct 1839 to George Glasspool , he was a farmer at Swallowfield  and owned land there.

Mary Frances is still with them in the census of 1851, but her mother died on 8 April just a few days later, she was 53.  Her death was announced in the papers.

George Glaspool remarried in 1855 to Sarah Barlow, the marriage states his father was Richard Glasspool who also owned lands in the area.

It does look like George had money as there are documents in the National Archives  dated 1858 – 61 relating to the exchange by the Duke of Wellington of property in Swallowfield (purchased from George Glasspool) for property in Heckfield .

Mary Francis married Edward Jones in 1858 and moved to Wrexham.

George Glasspool lived to a good age and died at Swallowfieds aged 85 in 1884.


Grave E-01318 at Wrexham Cemetery.

Researched by Annette Edwards; Judy Roberts.

Photograph by Graham Lloyd.