Eliza, William and Jennie Houghton

by Annette Edwards.

Eliza relict of the late Thomas Houghton of London died 1890

Also Jennie the beloved wife of William Houghton of Wrexham died July 1908 aged 65

Also William Houghton beloved husband of above died March 13 1916 aged 71

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ELIZA HOUGHTON 1821 – 1890

Eliza Haden was born in 1821 in Limehouse, London. She was the daughter of William Haden but her mother’s name isn`t known.

On 6 September 1842 Eliza married Thomas Houghton at Limehouse Church, her father is named as William Haden, a Customs Officer.

Thomas was a cowkeeper, and his father was William Houghton, a builder.

Thomas died before 1861 and Eliza moved to Wrexham with her children, after her son William married she stayed at Madeira Hill and in 1881 is there with Emily J Stevens 38 who is a store keeper, and her sister Matilda C 32 who both are her nieces.

Eliza died at 3 Ruabon Road in 1890, she was buried on 6 August 1890.


William Houghton was born about 1843 in Limehouse, London. He was the son of Thomas Houghton and Eliza Haden.  In 1851 he is with his parents Thomas and Eliza at Mile End Stepney with a younger brother Thomas aged 2.

By 1861 his father Thomas has died but they are still in the same street, Eliza is a governess.  Only his brother Thomas and a younger daughter Frances Eliza aged 8 are there, William is missing, he would be about 18 and old enough to be working.

The family moved up to Wrexham and are at 5 Madeira Hill in 1871, Eliza isn`t working now, William is a yarn dealer, Thomas and Frances Eliza have no occupations.   

On 25 December 1879 William married Jane Stevens at St Saviours Parish Church in London.

His occupation is a grocer and his abode is Rhosddu, Denbigh. He states his father as Thomas Houghton (deceased) a Clothier.

Jane was living in Southwark Street, and her father is James Perrin Stevens (deceased) a hatter. Both signed their names, the witnesses were James Stevens and Maria Jane Stevens. 

By 1881 William and Jane were at 13 Spring Road,Rhosddu,  he is a yeast merchant and grocer, Frances Eliza is with them aged 28 and still single. They have 2 servants so are doing well.

They later moved to Gatefield House in Kings Mills Road, and in 1891 have a daughter Edith Jane aged 8 , also with then are 2 nieces and a nephew, all named Stevens and  70 year old Susan Belcher who is an Aunt.

 On 29 August 1893  The Cardigan Bay Visitor published a  list of visitors,  and  some of the ladies of both families had taken a  holiday in Aberyswyth, staying with Mrs Kendrick at 24 Marine Terrace are Mrs Houghton and family , Mrs Stephens, Gatefield,  Wrexham.

In May 1895, the Beechley and Kingsland Building estates were offered for sale at the Wynnstay Arms Hotel. Two lots at the corner of Beechley Road and Brynycabanau Road, were bought by Mr Houghton, Gatefield. The names proposed to be given to the new streets on this property are Beechley Road, Saxon Street, Norman Street, Stuart Street and Tudor Street. These streets will be in a new suburb to be called Kingsland.  

The Houghton`s were connected to Penybryn Chapel as they are mentioned a few times in the news. 

20 December 1892

PENYBRYN CONGREGATIONAL SUNDAY SCHOOL, WREXHAM. A CAKE AND APRON FAIR AND GENERAL SALE OF GIFTS, Will be held in the above School-room Sale to be opened at 3 p.m. Gifts of Game, Fruit, Flowers, and any Articles Useful or Ornamental, will be thankfully received by Mrs Peskett, Derby-road, Wrexham. Mrs. W. Houghton; Gatefield Edited.


The harvest thanksgiving services were held at the Penybryn Congregational Church, Salisbury Park, on Sunday. The interior of the sacred building was very prettily adorned with corn, flowers, fruit, and foliage by the Misses Barber, Miss Ivy Stevens, and Miss Houghton, whose tasteful arrangement contributed to a very effective decoration. Mr Houghton, of Gatefield, kindly sent plants for decorations.

They stayed at Gatefield, and only had one child – Edith Jane whose pet name was Daisy.

Jane died at Gatefield on 1908, she was 65, she was buried on 21 July 1908.

William remained there and died on 13 March 1918 aged 63, he was buried in the same grave.

William Houghton, of Gatefield, Wrexham, yeast merchant, who died on March 13th, has left property of the value of £7439


Jane Stevens was born 28 January 1842 in the New Kent Road, London, her parents were James Perrin Stevens, a furrier and Jane Belcher.  She had 5 siblings, James b 1829, William b 1833, Thomas b 1836, Henry b 1847 and Susannnah b 1847

 In 1851 she is still with her parents but by 1861 Jane has moved to Wrexham and is with her brother James who is a baker.  He is married with a family, Jane is working as a shop woman.

Jane moved back to London and in 1871 she is in Kensington employed by Edward Freen   who is a master baker. He is 65 and unmarried, also there are 9 other people who are all described as “cousins” 4 are bakers, 3 including Jane are shop assistants and there is 1 servant. Edward Freen seems to be doing well; in fact he is listed in the 1843 London P O directory as a baker in Kensington.

On 25 December 1879 Jane married William Houghton at St Saviours Parish Church in London.

Jane is second from the left on the photo of the ladies at Gatefield, wearing a buttoned up jacket.  Her daughter Edith Jane is at her side.  The little boy is William Thomas Reginald (Reggie) Houghton who was born September qtr 1897 and died 11 Sept 1901, so the photo can be dated at about 1899.

Researched by Annette Edwards. August 2018. Gravestone photograph by Graham Lloyd.

With thanks to Paul Stevens for use of the “Gatefield” ladies photograph.

Grave ref: Wrexham Cemetery M-03461