Elizabeth Hindle LONG 1831-1910

“In affectionate memory of Elizabeth Hindle Long born June 12, 1831 died April 19, 1910 This cross is erected by her old pupils”

Elizabeth Hindle Long was born in Manchester, her father was Benjamin, he was a saddler with his own business, he was born in Ireland. Her mother was Eliza from Manchester; they were quite a large family.

After the death of Benjamin all the children are “living on independent means”

By 1881 she was at St Marks Terrace, Wrexham and the proprietor of a preparatory school for boys, so it seems she had set this up herself.

Later she was living at Richmond House on Grosvenor Road, a schoolmistress working at home; perhaps the school was at Richmond house. Her sister Ella was helping out.

When she died in 1910 she was living in Gerald Street, her effects were £140. Her headstone was paid for by her pupils.


Researched by Annette Edwards. July 2018.