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written and researched by mavis Williams

Mavis Williams would not have been able to tell Arthur’s story but for the help of the Army Forum and Charlie, Maureene and Rolt968, especially Charlie who went out of his way to seek and give information and newspaper cuttings.   Many thanks to them.

Arthur Evans was born circa 1875 in Buckley and first appears on the 1881 census living at Gresford, age 6, the son of Enoch & Elizabeth Evans(nee)Peters who had married in Holy Trinity Church, Rhyl in 1870 (Denbighshire North (Rhyl) CW09/01/E337).   The whole family were living “Below Station”, Gresford, Denbighshire.   Head of the household was Enoch, 52, a Bricklayer who had been born in Denbigh.    His wife Elizabeth, 46 had been born in Buckley, Flintshire.   Also in the household were Arthur’s siblings, Ellanor (sic) Bessy, 10, born in Guilden Sutton, Cheshire, Ester Anne, 8, born Denbigh and Minnie Gold, age 2, born in Stanney, Cheshire.   It is obvious that the family had moved around , probably looking for work, as the children were all born in different places.

They were probably in the same house in the 1891 census as the address was Station Lane, Gresford.   Enoch, now 62 was still a bricklayer, but tells us that he was born in Nantlyn, Denbighshire.    There are only 2 children in the household for Elizabeth, 57 to look after, Arthur, 16 was a Modellers Apprentice at Terra Cotta Works (Earth) and Minnie G., 12.

By the 1901 census they had suffered the death of Enoch and were still living “Near  Station,” Gresford, Elizabeth was now 66 years old, Arthur,, 26 was a Bricklayer and Minnie G. was 22 years old.   It is from here that we lose track of Arthur although we know about Minnie Gold.    It may be that the Mr. A. Evans, single and an adult, who was seen on the Ship “Himalaya” which departed London on the 21st July 1904 may be the answer to the fact that Arthur cannot be found on the 1911 census in the UK.

Arthur was to become a Manager of the Alexander Brick Works, Singapore, following on his father’s trade. His residence was Alexander Cottage, Alexander Road.

There was a Mutiny on the 15th February 1915 and Arthur was driving his motor car near the guard room at Alexander Barracks when he was stopped and murdered.     Some Chinese, from a later cutting were put on trial for breaking into Arthurs house at night after seeing his body in the car in order to commit theft.

Here is the A Evans, who appears to be a civilian ?

Although on another cutting from the Straits Times 1917, Arthur was from the Borneo Co. Ltd., perhaps this was a printing mistake as later in the reporting of the trial of some local men who were in the Mutiny, Arthur was referred to as the Manager of the Brickworks.

Written and researched by Mavis Williams.

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