Help Needed – Antonina Maria Braszka

Dear Sir !

Before You interest in history You are the best person, who can help me (I think).

I am looking for Antonina Maria Braszka, who was born 21st June 1948 in Penley Polish Hospital – see below on the “Cerrticaficate of Birth”.

I am grandson of her father Antoni Braszka.

Before The Second World War, my grandfather Antoni, has three children with his wife Jadwiga:

1. Aldona, Krystyna – born 1922 – died 2020 (8th November) – childless,
2. my father – Lesław, Antoni – born 1925 – died 2011 – one son Maciej,
3. Jerzy, Aleksander – born 1932 – died 2000 – dauther Małgorzata, son Piotr.

During the war, he served in the Polish Army on the West and after the war, he stay in Great Britain, until 1959 when he came back to Poland and soon died (1960). During the stay in GB he met the woman and procreated the dauther. In Poland we didn’t talk about her too much, so I didn’t know her. My aunt Aldona died 8th November this year and when I browsed documents she left I’ve found: “Certificate of Birth” and some photos. I send You three of this photos. On the first: there is my grandfather, on the second there is unknow woman (maybe the mother of Antonina). These photos was taken (maybe) in London, where the grandfather was living in the end of fifties. On the third photos there are my grandfather with (maybe) his dauther Antonina Maria. My father said that the woman of the grandfather was nurse. Maybe she was working in the Penley Polish Hospital?

I am looking for her, because she is one of aunt’s hiers – if she alive, or her children – if she died. During reading the aunt’s will all of hiers must be present.

There is another reason to find her – to know each other.

I hope You can help me.

Your sincerely

Maciej Braszka

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