by Annette Edwards

Little Minnie Weis has no grave of her own, she was buried on 23 September 1884, in the same grave are at least 6 other young children and she was the eldest.  Minnie was born in the West Derby area of Liverpool and died at Crescent Place, Wrexham. Her death is also entered in St Mary`s RC registers.

Her father was Peter Joseph Weiss /Weis /Wise who was born in Ridenheim, Germany about 1840, the son of Benedict Weiss a winemaker. Her mother was Eliza Butler.

1874 Peter Weis marrriage

Peter Joseph Weiss had previously married Harriet Evans on 8 March 1874 at St Nicholas, Liverpool.  He was a cellar man and they were both living on Scotland Road.  Harriet`s father was Thomas Evans, a labourer. At this marriage he used the name Wise. It`s possible that Harriet was living with parents Thomas and Martha in Abenbury in 1871 as they are close to Redwither.

The couple came to the Wrexham area where Joseph Arthur (Wise) was born early in March 1875. Sadly Harriet (Wise) died soon after at Redwither and was buried in Bangor on Dee on 9 June aged 37.

In later census entries Joseph Arthur states, he was born in Bangor.

On 6 August 1876 Peter Joseph Weiss married again in St Nicholas, his bride was Eliza Butler, who was the daughter of Joseph Butler, a labourer and had been born in Rock Ferry.

They had sons, George William born in 1877, and Theodore Victor who born in 1878 but died in 1879.  Peter was a gardener by then.

In 1881 the family were in 70 Edge Lane, West Derby (Weiss)

Joseph was a servant for George Parker a cotton broker, and still a gardener. Elizabeth was 28, so about 13 years younger. What brought them to Wrexham in 1884 is unknown.

They stayed in the West Derby  area and by 1891 (Weis) had more children, Alfred Ernest 9 born West Derby  and John Henry 6 who was born in Platt Bridge which is near Wigan,  so it looks like the family moved around.  Joseph Arthur and George William were still at home.

The family is difficult to find after 1891.

Joseph Arthur Weis married Mary Glover in 1907; his father is not noted as deceased.

And in 1911 Joseph Weis, born c 1876, Bangor, North Wales   is in Walton on the Hill. He is a gardener married to Mary, and they have a infant son, Leslie.

It`s not known when Peter Joseph  and Elizabeth died but  when John Henry married Sarah Irene Evans  in 1921 he states his father is Peter Joseph Wise gardener (deceased)

Researched by Annette Edwards, with help from Cari Pugh. July 2019.

Grave ref: Wrexham Cemetery A-00307

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