Wrexham Cemetery has the second largest concentration of Polish burials within the UK, with over 1300 Polish people buried here, these lists are in alphabetical order of Surname and records burials up to 2019. If you spot an error please let us know via our contact page.

There have been many attempts to accurately list all the Polish burials at Wrexham Cemetery including Zosia Beigus of Polish Resettlement Camps in the UK; Wrexham Cemetery; Karolina Grodska.

This project was started by Graham Lloyd in January 2017 following a visit to Wrexham Cemetery, the inaccuracies were astonding with at least 50% of names listed containing an error in the entries. It was completed on 1st November 2019.

Also see Polish Servicemen at Wrexham Cemetery.

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This list has been error checked and cross referenced by Graham Lloyd using several source materials. If you do spot an error please contact Graham using our contact form here.

Also see Polish Servicemen at Wrexham Cemetery.

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