St. Martin’s Church, Eglwysbach – Conwy MI’s

The earliest written record of St Martin’s Church dates from 1254, when the church belonged to the diocese of St Asaph. In 1284 it transferred to Maenan Abbey as part of the resettlement agreement which allowed King Edward I to build the walled town of Conwy on the site of Aberconwy Abbey. The church reverted to the diocese in 1540. The church was rebuilt in c.1782, after the previous one became dilapidated.

The church is dedicated to St Martin, a fourth-century Roman soldier who converted to Christianity after dreaming of Christ wearing the half of his cloak which he had given to a beggar. He became Bishop of Tours, France. In the Middle Ages, a garment said to be Martin’s cappa (cloak) was taken around Europe. Shacks known as capelli were erected to house the cloak on its travels, and the word chapel (capel in Welsh) comes from this.

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Photographs supplied by Lee Wetton. Clwyd Monumental Inscriptions.

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