St. Marys Church, Brymbo

St. Mary’s Church 1872 – Present

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  St. Mary’s church replaced an earlier church that stood a little distance away called St. Johns.  The first church, which was consecrated on 31 July 1838 (St. Johns), unfortunately, collapsed because of subsidence, and it was closed in 1869.   The well-known local historian, Alfred Neobard Palmer, stated that the subsidence was caused by construction work on the nearby Great Western Railway; but other authorities blame it on extensive coal-mining operations. Services were temporarily transferred to the nearby school, but this also became unsafe – for the same reason.
   The Marquis of Westminster laid the foundation stone for St. Mary’s a little distance away (Ordnance Survey reference SJ 295543), on August 15th, 1871 and the consecration took place on September 10th, 1872. The central window of the chancel was the gift of the architect, T. H. Wyatt; his widow, Mary, placed the other four in memory of Robert Roy of Brymbo Hall.  The congregation and friends of the Reverend presented the lectern, an eagle carved in oak to William Jones commemorating the completion of twenty-five years as vicar of the parish on Easter 1882. The contractor, Mr. J. Roberts of Chester, presented the font, which is wrought in stone from the Moss Quarry. The total cost of ground and building was £3,600.
  A gentleman from Stratford upon Avon built the organ in 1870. It had two manuals and sixteen stops.  Thomas Douglas Glyn Rogers, spoke that his great-grandfather, Thomas Rogers, who was a joiner and builder, put the semi-circular roof over the chancel Sarah Ann Taylor of the Queen’s Head, Brymbo, was the first person laid to rest in the churchyard, just inside the gates of St. Mary’s, on the left hand side and by the same coincidence Thomas Alfred Rogers, is buried just inside the church gates, on the right hand side.
(Graham Rodgers, “Brymbo and its neighborhood book”)

 St. Marys Church, Brymbo

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  1. My Father,Mum,Grandfather and 3 Uncles,an Aunty, plus other relatives are all buried in this churchyard, Just to the right of the main gates, Their Surname is Rogers, 2 of my uncles where joiners and undertakers and i was an Engineering Patternmaker.

    We have appeared to be loyal to the church in death.

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