Thomas HOGG 1830-1915

“In memorium.  Thomas Hog of Beechley Rd, Wrexham.  Born November 17th 1830.  Died January 18th 1915”. The gravestone of Thomas Hogg is an attractive but unusual design.  Inspection of the gravestone suggests that when it [more]


James Arthur Mossford 1863 – 1926

“To the dear memory of James Arthur the beloved husband of Maud A. Mossford…passed away Oct 1st 1926” In the Wrexham Cemetery stands a tall and large stone gravestone with a ships anchor entwined around [more]


Catherine Castle 1810 – 1887

“In loving memory of Catherine Castle, 28 years mistress of Berse Drelincourt School, who died October 26th 1887, aged 77 years…this stone is erected by friends and scholars.” Wrexham also saw people coming to live [more]


Mary McLevie 1813 – 1878

“Erected by W. E. and M.J. McLevie, New Zealand, in loving memory of their mother, Mary, wife of M. McLevie, who died July 7th 1878 aged 65 years” Mary McLevie was born in Ruabon in [more]


Reverend William Lewis 1814-1891

“In affectionate remembrance of the Rev. William Lewis for many years a missionary on the Khasia hills, India, who fell asleep in Jesus, May 6th 1891 in the 77th year of his age” Reverend William [more]


EDWIN PHILLIPS 1829 – 1868

“In loving memory of Anne, the beloved wife of Arthur Phillips, Wrexham, late of Vron Cottage, who died 4th July 1885, aged 81 years…Also Edwin, son of the above who died at Cape Town, 8th [more]


Frederick Simon Grainger 1882 – 1919

“In loving memory of my dear husband Frederick S. Grainger R.N. of Norman Road, (late of Stourbridge), who died at Larbert Hospital, Scotland, Jan 14th 1919, aged 36 years” Frederick Simon Grainger was born on [more]

In Memorium

Jane Cunnah 1838-1911

“Er cof serchog am Jane anwyl briod Samuel Cunnah, Broughton Farm yr hon a hunodd yn yr iesu ionawr 6fed 1911, yn 73 mlwydd oed”.  Jane Cunnah’s gravestone is notable due to its decorative design.  [more]

In Memorium

Ann Moreton Crutchley, 1864-1913

The gravestone marking the burial of Ann Moreton Crutchley at Coedpoeth Cemetery ranks amongst the most unusual gravestones that I have seen.  Her gravestone is designed as a small house with the windows and doors etched [more]