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Catherine Ann Tudge infant daughter of Thomas and Catherine Tudge died June 2nd 1865 aged 14 months.

Thomas Tudge was born in 1824  at Llanfair Caereinion, Mongomeryshire and was the son of a shoemaker, in 1856  he married Catherine Thomas in Pentrefoelas . He joined the police and a daughter Alice May was born in   Ruthin followed by son William  born  in Ruabon  before  coming to Wrexham  where they lived in the “New” houses on Farndon Street.

A son John Thomas was born in 1863. Catherine Ann was their fourth child. When she died  she was buried in the Dissenters Graveyard in Rhosddu.

Another daughter born later that same year was named after her and had the pet name of Kitty.

In the time he was in Wrexham, Thomas dealt with the usual drunks, brawlers and petty thieves  but in 1863 there was a “ FRIGHTFUL SUICIDE “ at the Elephant and Castle. The man was William Smith, who was then on duty with the Denbighshire Yeomanry Cavalry, sadly he had cut his throat with a razor . He had previously been a valet to Captain Palmer. 

Thomas was later moved to Abergele but in 1870  there was an announcement in the news .

ABERGELE. Owing to the recent changes in the Denbigh constabulary, Acting-inspector Tudge, of this town, has been promoted to be a superintendent at Llanrwst. His friends desire to present him with a token of their respect and appreciation of his upright, straightforward and impartial conduct while stationed at Abergele and at an influential meeting held at the Bee Hotel, on the 29th ult., he was presented with an address and purse of money.

Thomas was promoted and by 1871 had moved again to Denbigh where in 1876 he was given a presentation  by friends and colleagues.

PRESENTATION TO SUPERINTENDENT TUDGE. On Friday evening, an interesting gathering took place at the magistrates’ room„ for the purpose of making a presentation to Superintendent Tudge, of the Denbigh division of the County Police Force., there was a numerous attendance. The Hon. Secretary (Mr C. Cottom, Guardian Omce), produced the subscription list and statement of accounts, which had been duly audited.. The amount subscribed was very handsome, and the committee purchased a massive gold watch guard and pendant, from Mr H. Joyce, Denbigh, a splendidly-illuminated address, from Messrs Waterlow and Son, London, and a handsome Russian leather purse.

He was also presented with a gold watch guard and pendant and a purse of gold, from Friends in Denbigh, and the Town Clerk also presented to Mr Tudge a valuable gold ring with the letter S” engraved upon the seal, as a token from Mr and Mrs Warwick Smith , Liverpool.

During his time at Denbigh there were many more serious cases, and because he was living at the police station   Ann was witness to some of them which included prisoners trying to take their own lives.

Thomas remained in the police until he became unfit and had to leave the force. 


CENTRAL POLICE COMMITTEE’S REPORT. This committee in their report recommended that Superintendent Thomas Tudge, aged 57, who had served in the force during 31 years, and who was now incapable of discharging the duties of his office, be allowed a retiring allowance of £ 66 per annum, being one-half of his pay.

DENBIGH. POLICE CHANGES.  Mr Thomas Tudge, superintendent stationed at Denbigh, has been superannuated, he having served on the force altogether 31 years. Mr Tudge retires into private life with the respect of all who know him, and we can only wish for him a long and peaceful evening to his life of labour and activity.

After his retirement Thomas was still serving the public, he was often elected foreman of the jury at many local cases.

In May 1887 Catherine Tudge died at Denbigh, she was buried in her home village of Pentrevoelas.

DENBIGH.  FUNERAL OF MRS TUDGE. On Friday the funeral of Mrs Tudge, wife of Ex-superintendent Tudge, formerly of Wrexham, took place at Pentrevoelas Churchyard. There was a large attendance of the public, and numerouss beautiful wreaths were deposited upon the coffin by relations and friends of the deceased. A detachment of the local police force accompanied the funeral. Mrs Tudge had a long and serious illness, and died aged sixty-four years.

In 1891 Thomas`s daughter  Catherine Ann  and George Alexander Brebber married at Denbigh.

AN INTERESTING WEDDING. On Thursday an interesting wedding took place at St. Mary’s church. The bride, who wore a grey silk dress, with a hat in match, was the second daughter of ex-Superintendent Tudge (Kittie), the bridegroom was Mr Brebber of Glasgow. The bride was given away by her father. The happy couple left for Scotland for the honey-moon.

Catherine Ann  Brebber died in 1932 in the Ruthin district.

In 1894 Thomas  sadly lost his eldest son.

DEATH OF MR WILLIAM TUDGE, LATE OF DENBIGH. In one of our recent issues the brief announcement was made of the death of Mr William Tudge, son of ex-Superintendent Tudge. From the particulars now to hand we find that Mr Tudge  was out at Cape Coast Castle, in an important appointment, under the well- known African Merchant and Commission Agent, Mr H B W Russell, Liverpool. It seems that he had enjoyed good health since he had been in Africa, but on Monday, December 18th, was seized with his first attack of the fever, and though his temperature went up to 102, yet it came down in two days almost to its normal state, but a change for the worse took place, and the temperature rose to 106, and during the early morning of the 28th he passed away. He was interred the same afternoon (December 28th), in the Colonial Cemetery, the Colonial Chaplain officiating. His funeral was very largely attended, by the Europeans of all grades, and representatives of the various commercial establishments, and there were also present representatives of the European Wesleyan Mission and of the Castle. With the other particulars sent home are a number of sympathetic letters received by Mr Phillips, the colleague of deceased, who seems to have been much attached to him, and to have done all in his power for him during his illness, personally nursing him, and securing him the best medical advice. The facts sent home must be a source of comfort to Mr Tudge and his family, in what is a  very sore trial.

February 1904.

DEATH OF EX-SUPERINTENDENT TUDGE. It  is with regret that we have to record the death of Ex-Superintendent Tudge. which took place yesterday (Thursday). He has for some time past experienced indifferent health, and recently his hitherto fine constitution showed marked signs of decay, and his death at the ripe age of 80 was not an unexpected event. The deceased  had seen many years service in the Denbighshire Constabulary, and had a unique record of service, having had to deal with some of the hardest and roughest work a police officer has to encounter in the execution of his duties. However, be had a very strong constitution and hi physical strength was enormous and well known amongst some of the criminal class with which he had to deal. The deceased had a singularly eventful career. He joined the Denbigh Constabulary about 1856, and experienced some exciting times with the colliers at Wrexham, where he was stationed as a police-constable. Two years afterwards-1868-he gained a well deserved promotion to Abergele, where he acted in the capacity of sergeant. Then in the year 1870 Superintendent Hammond of Llanrwst succeeded Superintendent Pugh of Denbigh, who retired, and the deceased was promoted as Superintendent of Llanrwst. However, Superintendent Hammond literally “broke his heart” whilst he was at Denbigh, and on the principle that “exchange is no robbery,” he was sent back to Llanrwst as Superintendent of then Police of that district, and Superintendents Tudge was stationed at Denbigh, where he has resided ever since. The deceased was pensioned in the year 1880, when Superintendent Vaughan succeeded him. The deceased leaves one son and two daughters to mourn his loss, his wife having predeceased him some years ago. During his illness the deceased received the most loving and devoted care of his elder daughter, Miss Tudge, who, for many years past, has faithfully tended him daring many serious illnesses.

THE LATE EX-SUPERINTENDANT THOMAS TUDGE. THE FUNERAL. The funeral of the late ex-Superintendent Thomas Tudge, Park-street, Denbigh, whose death we chronicled last week, took place on Monday at the quaint old Church of Pentre voelas. It was at this church that deceased  and his wife were married, and his wife was laid to rest there. The funeral cortege left the deceased’s residence at 11 o’clock and was escorted as far as the top of Henllan-Street by a number of policemen. On reaching Pentrevoelas the cortege was met by a number of policemen and a number of relatives and friends. The police acted as bearers and carried the coffin into the church amidst signs  of deep sympathy and regret. The solemn burial service was conducted by the Rev G Williams in a most impressive manner. Miss Thomas ably presided at the organ and very effectively played the dead march in Saul,” whilst the remains were carried out to be buried with his wife, who had predeceased him some 17 years ago. The coffin, which was of polished oak and was covered with beautiful wreaths sent by deceased’s son, daughters, relatives and friends.

In 1917 John Thomas Tudge died,

THE LATE MR JOHN TUDGE. The death took place on the 20th ult, at his residence, 168, Park-road, North,Birkenhead at the age of 54 years, of Mr John Tudge. The deceased gentleman was the only surviving son of the late Supt Tudge, of Denbigh. He was also a member of No. 2 branch of the Associated Society of Engineers, and at the time of his decease was in the employ of Messrs H and C Grayson, Ltd. The funeral took place on Monday at Flay brick Hill cemetery.

Alice May Tudge  never married  and remained in Denbigh where she died in 1937.

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